Hello Kassey,

Thank you for your interest in our commercial photography services.

I have spent some time looking at your various projects, and we can definitely provide you with the type of architectural photography you are looking for. 

About Us

PanaViz is a commercial architectural photographer specializing in photography for interior design, architecture, and architectural products industries.  We also work with luxury residential and hospitality clients.

David, our founder and lead photographer, is a highly sought after commercial photographer whose assignment take him across the globe. David has a passion for his craft and a unique ability to capture the architecture and interiors of diverse properties, places and spaces. 

Our pricing is generally based on the scope of the shoot, as well as the time spent on it. Following is our pricing for Oahu

Student Housing Photography – $4,500 – 2 Days

Our day rate is typically $3,000, but we can complete your 2 day project for $4,500, as it is in our home town without any travel downtime and expenses. 

For a shoot such as yours, we would focus on:

  • Exteriors – usually done at dawn/dusk with some mid-day shoots. We would give you appropriately framed aerial images as well, wind/weather  permitting.
  • Common areas, amenities.
    • Lobby
    • Common Kitchens(?)
    • Pools
    • Reading Rooms
    • Game/Entainment Areas, etc
  • Model Rooms
    • Living Spaces
    • Sleeping Spaces
    • Kitchen/kitchenette areas
    • Furnishing details of the model, etc.
  • Lifestyle
    • Student lifestyle per your direction.
    • Any unique Hawaiian elements that are there.
      • We almost never do any portrait photography, any people photography we do is usually part of an apartment, hotel/resort or community shoot, and is usually people going about their business.  See some samples here. 

Our price includes image post production and editing, which Dave Tonnes, our principal does himself.  We will give a comprehensive set of images, a typical apartment shoots produces between 60 to well over a 150 images.

Dave  is available to shoot on February 20th and 21st currently. 

Rohinita Charan

Business Development
Phone:  (808)672-0601  Cell:  (808)497-2345

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