Sharing Images and Virtual Tours of a Typical Luxury Home Shoot

Home Virtual Tour with Aerial Panorama

The Shoot

The shoot included day, evening, and night photography. Because it was in Kailua, I went early to capture their sunrise.

  • Client Received:
  • Exterior Photos
  • Interior Photos
  • Aerial Photos

Ground and Aerial Panoramas

The Big Picture

My goal is to showcase the unique selling points and strengths of every property creatively, artistically, and realistically. 

With a focus on luxury homes, I spend time staging and framing my images.

A typical luxury real estate photo shoot would include a combination of interior, exterior, aerial and virtual tour photography. As a result, a photoshoot can last an entire day, starting at dawn and ending after nightfall!

The shoot length depends on the location of your listing, sunrise and sunset times, weather conditions, and more.

Oahu Real Estate Photography Pricing

Oahu Real Estate Photography

(3) Luxury Real Estate Photo Package: $1,550

  • 25+ Architectural Still Photographs
  • Staging
  • Aerial Photos
  • Unedited drone video
  • Full Day Rate:
    • Day Evening Twilight Night Photography
Luxury Real Estate Photography

(4) Luxury Real Estate Photo & Virtual Tour Package: $1,750

  • 2-4 High Definition Virtual Tours
  • 25+ Architectural Still Photographs
  • Staging
  • Aerial Photos
  • Unedited drone video
  • Full Day Rate
    • Day Evening Twilight Night Photography

About Oahu Real Estate Photographer | Dave Tonnes

I truly enjoy the art of real estate photography. My goal is to artfully and realistically capture the essence of each home I shoot. I try to capture the big picture of each space, as well as the little details.

Staging a place and spending time framing and capturing a scene is important to me. I am known not to hurry through a shoot. I follow through by doing all my post-production, so that your images have the look and feel that you hired me for.

Oahu Real Estate Photographer

My aim is to introduce the would be homeowner to the ideal life associated with each home before they even set foot in it.

As an architectural photographer, I am able to provide aerial photography, interior, and exterior architectural photography, architectural products, interior design photography as well as hospitality lifestyle photography.

My work is featured in magazines, magazine covers, billboards, large and small marketing campaigns, and all over the web.

I am based on Oahu, but travel almost weekly to Maui, Hawaii, and Kauai. My commercial assignments take me outside Hawaii as well.