Resort Photography

Resort Pools PanaViz chose to showcase this luxury lodging through a combination still photographs, 360 degree panoramas and a narrated video. The still photographs show vignettes of the many beautiful vistas that come with this property. Photos show the deep blues of midday, and present scenes that we wished to…

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Hotel Photography – How to Display Your Visual Content

For hotel marketing departments, getting good visuals of their property can be the easy part. Hired a great hotel photographer = check. Blocked rooms, staged areas, worked with various staff to ensure a successful shoot = check. Received photos and other media from photographer = check. Implementing your hotel rich…

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Hotel Photography – Hotel Room

A simply inviting photograph of a hotel room. All the emphasis is on the comfortable bed, the vibrant headboard, the different textures of the soft goods, and the tasteful and subdued decor.

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