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What is Panoramic Photography

Panoramic photography is a technique of photography, using specialized equipment or software, that captures images with horizontally elongated fields of view. It is sometimes known as wide format photography.

This generally means that the image is at least twice as wide as it is high. The resulting images take the form of a wide strip. Both the aspect ratio and coverage of field are important factors in defining a true panoramic image.

Here I am sharing some of my panoramic photography meant to be viewed in an interactive 360 format. This means that you can look within an image, up, down and all around.

Aerial Panoramic Photography


Click on Images to Enter 360 Panoramas


Click on Images to Enter 360 Panoramas


Click on Images to Enter 360 Panoramas


Click on Images to Enter 360 Panoramas


Click on Images to Enter 360 Panoramas

Panoramic Photography and these days, Aerial Panoramic Photography is a hobby of mine. These are taken mostly around the Hawaiian Islands. I stated doing panoramic photography in 2003, and these were all ground panoramas, and in low resolution by today’s standards.

Dave Tonnes

About Me

By profession I am a commercial architectural photographer. Panoramic photography, and now aerial photography is a hobby of mine. I have been creating ground virtual tours since 2003.

My aerial panoramas are created by taking a series of images from the air and stitching them together. These images can be displayed in a flat format or put in a 360 viewer for interactive up, down and around viewing.

Architectural Photographer at Work

More Panoramic Photography

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